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Blending your style with carpet

Carpet flooring has always been one of the best ways to really show off your own personal style. Not only can you find carpet in a vast number of colors, patterns and styles, it’s also a very welcoming option for flooring. Nothing says, “Welcome to our home!” quite like carpet.

There’s something for everyone in the world of carpet. Even if you need water resistance, there are options awaiting you for just such an occasion. Certain styles are more suited for low traffic, but some styles mimic others and give you a wider array of options.

Carpet colors

You literally have a rainbow of colors at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for beige, brown, red, blue, gold, gray, green or violet, you’re sure to find something you like. However, solid colors certainly aren’t your only option. With just as many patterns as there are colors, the sky is the limit.

For added elegance, you might even want to complement a solid wall-to-wall carpet with some patterned area rugs. Not only is this pleasing to the eye, it gives an added layer of protection to the carpet underneath. This is a great practice in high traffic areas where you’d like to extend the life of your carpet.
Luxury carpet in Birmingham, AL from Brian's Flooring and Design

Carpet styles

You will find patterned loop cut, patterned loop, and texture and shag as our main styles. In addition to the intricate designs that can be made with the coloring, you can also find patterns within the very style itself. Combining different styles within the same carpet, in addition to colorings, can have a beautiful effect on the overall look.

Carpet benefits

There are lots of benefits to reap from choosing carpet. Not only does it make a room warmer in cold weather, it retains that warmth longer. This means you benefit as much from the conservation of energy as you do from the initial warmth. It’s especially beneficial with children in the home, as it gives them a comfortable area to play or sit for long periods.

Carpet can also minimize the possibility of slips and falls, as well as the injuries that occur with them. This is a particular benefit with small children and elderly people in the home.

With more and more devices that create noise, it’s nice when carpet offers a sound barrier, especially between upper and lower levels in your home.

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Brian’s Flooring & Design has three showrooms to better serve you. Locations include Calla, Birmingham and Valleydale, AL. Come visit either one to see our carpet options.

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