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Design consultation in Birmingham and Mccalla, AL

Create your own look with a Design Consultation
Interior design possibilities are endless. A room can have the same basic parts but still look completely different from others. Part of creating a unique look for your home is finding a great design consultant in Birmingham, AL.

Design Consultation at Brian’s Flooring and Design is a great first step for Birmingham and McCalla, Alabama homeowners who want their home’s interior to be updated. Sitting down with a professional might be just what you need to create an interior design that works for your lifestyle. We take the colors, patterns, and textiles you love to make a design that reflects who you are.

Learn more about how you can work with a consultant to begin remodeling your home.
Flooring Design Consultation in the Greater Birmingham Metro area
Flooring Design Consultation in the Greater Birmingham Metro area

What to bring to your design consultation

It’s always good to be prepared. Coming to your consultation meeting with a few basic tools can really make the process run smoothly and quickly. Your consultant will be more than happy to help you with anything, but it doesn’t hurt to be one step ahead.

Some things you should consider bringing to your first meeting include:

  • A list of things you need versus a list of things you want. A quick and easy way to decide what is a must and what might be a maybe is to make a list with two columns. Write down everything that you need in one column and what you would like in the other. This allows you to see where you can dedicate most of your time and spending. Don’t worry if your want list is longer than your need list: You can always add more to your design later.
  • An idea of your finances. It’s important to know what you can afford. Our consultants can walk you through putting together a plan based on what your price points are. That is, they won’t recommend products and services that won’t fit your budget. Having an idea of what you can spend also allows you to save up money or take out loans if you need to. Rushing to do so at the last minute can be stressful. Having a plan can save you from that stress.
  • Some swatches or pictures. Now is the time to take all those magazine clippings, paint swatches, and internet print-outs and put them to use. Your consultant will take the things that inspire you and help you pick and choose the ones that will work best together. See how you can pair bold colors with muted neutrals, or mix patterns for a fresh and modern look. They can help you choose everything from the flooring to the wall colors.

How to request a design consultation

If you are interested in meeting with one of our design experts, call our store or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page to make an appointment. We are happy to help both new and returning customers in Birmingham, McCalla, and the surrounding areas in Alabama!

Get a design consultation today from the flooring experts at Brian’s Flooring and Design.
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