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Installation Preparation


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Preparing your home for your new flooring

Our professional installers will be happy to move basic pieces of furniture. However, they are not professional movers equipped to protect your belongings and cannot be held responsible for damage. These preparations are to ensure a timely installation and to avoid additional charges.

Please prepare your home as follows:

All breakables and personal items should be moved to an area of the house not being installed. A good rule of thumb is that all items that can be moved by (1) person should be moved before we arrive. Dresser drawers and closets should be emptied.

Due to vibrations caused during installations, please remove all paintings and items on walls to avoid damage to them.

If you remove and discard your carpet, please leave tack strips down only if we are re-installing carpet. Any damaged tack strips will be replaced. Our installers will be unable to remove wet, flea infested or animal soiled carpet.

Our installers take great care not to mark your walls and baseboards. Some damage is normal and unavoidable during the installation process. However, some touch-up painting by you may be required.

Please be sure pets are restrained. We are not responsible for pets getting loose.

Replacing the wax seals on a commode installation is customary and expected. Some installations, however, will require a plumber for situations including but not limited to; breakage of rusty screws cracked drain pipes, drain pipes requiring and extender flange due to the height of the new floor or any problems we are not qualified to handle. We cannot re-install icemaker lines which we believe to be faulty. We do not remove pedestal sinks.
Installation Preparation in McCalla, AL area from Brian's Flooring and Design
As part of your flooring installation, our installers may need to remove and re-install your existing shoe mold and/or quarter round. If the molding breaks, we can install new molding at your expense. Once new molding is installed you are responsible for caulking and painting the molding. In the case of stained molding, no additional caulking or painting will be required after our installation.

Please disconnect all electronics, computers, stereo systems, TV’s and connected components. We cannot be responsible for cutting alarm wires hidden behind door trims or baseboards.

Slate pool tables and Grand Pianos will require professional movers. If there are antiques or grandfather clocks you may also want to have them moved professionally to prevent damage. We are able to remove gas stoves and gas heaters but are not able to re-install them after flooring installation.

We are unable to see your sub-floor when measuring or estimating your installation. If there are weak, moving, rotten or uneven sub-floors after removal of your existing floor covering, you will need to contact a contractor for repairs. High spots in your sub-floor will limit the type of flooring that can be installed.

Waste has been added to your job based on industry standards. The amount of waste varies and is determined by the product type, method of installation, the complexity of pattern match, the layout of the area to be installed and/or design features. You can expect to have material left over and it should be saved in case of needed repairs. We are unable to return your waste to the mill since the product for your installation is from specific dye lots and is no longer available. No returns or refunds are allowed.