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Loving your natural stone floors

With natural stone flooring, you’ll more than likely never have to replace your floors again. This is a material that has a long history of standing up to the elements, as an all-natural material itself, and can withstand any kind of wear and tear. Durability is one of the key features of this material, but it’s also one of the most beautiful. With an extensive variety in appearance, with colors, patterns, veinings, and more, you’ll match any decor with ease and even the hottest trends won’t cause it to become dated.

At Brian's Flooring and Design, we have more than 20 years of experience in matching homeowners with the best floor covering for their needs and expectations. We are a family owned business with three local showroom locations in McCalla and Birmingham. From there, we are happy to serve The Greater Birmingham Metro Area, Hoover, Vestavia, McCalla, and Homewood. Come visit us to browse our extensive line of floor coverings, products, and services and we’ll help you stay within the budget necessary for you.
Natural stone flooring in Vestavia Hills, AL from Brian's Flooring and Design

Natural stone really makes sense

In natural stone flooring, there are extensive varieties from which to choose, from sandstone to granite and everything in between and beyond. Each type of stone has its own set of characteristics that will create vast differences in the way they look, feel, act, and react to their surroundings. With one of the longest lifespans available in flooring, you won’t find yourself replacing them anytime soon.

Natural stone floors are right at home in any space or room, and can even create great continuity moving from indoors to outdoors. With the proper sealant, some stone flooring is completely impervious to water, offering perfect protection against humidity, dampness, moisture, spills, and even flooding. With protection like this comes great peace of mind, knowing water damage will never have to be one of your worries.

Installation of natural stone materials should only be installed by a professional installation team with the proper tools and experience for the job. These materials can easily break during installation and since they aren’t cheap, breaking even one piece could send you reeling over your budget. Instead, trust our professional installers who are experienced in the procedures necessary to create a perfect floor covering for you that will last for many years. The products also come with warranties that will assure your peace of mine throughout the lifespan of your floors.

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