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Reinventing your floors with waterproof flooring

The perfect flooring for your home can feel incredibly elusive until you have the opportunity to look into waterproof flooring and WPC (wood plastic composite) flooring. The fact is, many homeowners don’t even think to search this product line, especially if they think they don’t need it. But you could be turning down the opportunity to have not only one of the most gorgeous floor coverings on the market but also one that brings the most peace of mind. The benefits you stand to gain could be well worth the time taken to consider this material.

At Brian's Flooring and Design, we are family owned, local, and one of the largest floor covering showrooms in the entire area. You can stop into one of our showrooms in McCalla and Birmingham for yourself to see just how we can help match you to the perfect floor covering. We are about your needs and strive for your complete satisfaction, so you’ll be in good hands from the start. We also serve the communities of The Greater Birmingham Metro Area, Hoover, Vestavia, McCalla, and Homewood, but we’d love the opportunity to also gain your business as well. We look forward to your visit, where our associates will be ready to help.
Shaw waterproof flooring in Birmingham, AL from Brian's Flooring and Design

Waterproof flooring and what it can do for you

If you’ve ever installed flooring in a basement or laundry room, you know the nervousness that can come about from worrying about water damage. Just a small leak and bring havoc and maybe even cause you to have to replace the flooring throughout the entire room. However, with waterproof flooring, that is never a worry. Install it and forget it, even in the basement, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere water damage could be an issue.

Waterproof flooring is not only durable in the short term, but it can also provide many years of beauty and protection. Since natural stone is one of the product lines from which you’ll get to choose these materials, you will have a floor covering with a lifespan that could exceed your use for it.Porcelain tile is another material that gives you many years of enjoyment, so be sure to choose carefully, and based on your specific needs and preferences.

Since you’ll have more than one floor covering to choose from in this line, installation times will vary based on which material you’ve chosen. Luxury vinyl only takes a short while to install, with little fuss, but solid stone can take much longer.

Reimagine your home

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